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School Resource Officers


The School Resource Officer (SRO) position was created to develop and foster relationships with the students at the Falmouth School Department. The SRO position is an example of community policing at its highest level. The SRO is available to all students and staff at all the Falmouth Schools. Their presence in the schools has enabled the SROs to get to know the students, as well as continue educating students about the effects that drugs and alcohol can have. SROs speak with entire classes, individual students on various topics, and during parent presentations with regard to State of Maine criminal law and juvenile law, substance abuse, Town of Falmouth ordinances, and various police department policies and procedures. 

The SRO’s handle all criminal complaints that occur in the schools and serve as a reference to students and teachers alike. When not in a classroom, SROs are in the halls interacting with students and teachers as they pass between classes. 

photo of school resource officer

Officer Beaton

Falmouth Police Officer Alex Beaton is a Falmouth Schools Resource Officer. Officer Beaton graduated from Falmouth High School in 2009 and continued his education by attending Thomas College where he obtained a degree in Criminal Justice. He then attended and graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s 27th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP). Officer Beaton has been with the Falmouth Police Department since 2015 and became the School Resource Officer in 2019.  

Officer Beaton has enjoyed getting to know the students and staff, not just at FHS, but at the middle school and elementary school as well. His goal is to keep the schools safe and foster a good relationship between the community and the Falmouth Police Department. 

Officer Beaton can be contacted during school hours by email or at 207-781-7429 x 5444.