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Community Safety Information

Safe Firearms Storage

Safe storage of firearms and ammunition

Free firearm trigger locks are available at the Falmouth Police Department


General Safety Measures

  • Student safety is our top priority at all times. 

  • Falmouth Public Schools Staff have/wear ID badges. 

  • We have TWO Student Resource Officers (SROs) on our campus, and members of the Falmouth Police Department regularly drive through, visit, and have lunch in our buildings.  

  • Administrators and SROs closely monitor arrival and dismissal

  • Exterior doors are locked and closed/monitored. Internal doors are locked. 

  • The District’s FPS Safety Committee meets monthly and is composed of school staff and administrators, and members of the Falmouth Police and Fire departments. The Committee reviews safety practices, drills, and updated information from state and federal authorities. 

  • We conduct drills throughout the year so that staff and students are familiar with our safety practices:

Name of Practice What we will use this term for
Secure Police activity close by but not in proximity
Hold Most often for a medical issue in the building. Could be something like a spill or broken glass in a hallway. Provides privacy and clear access for emergency personnel. 
Lockdown A situation in the building that would require public safety personnel to clear the building without disruption.
Evacuate Signaling there is something happening in the building that would require us to ask people to exit. 
Shelter Take shelter quickly because of unexpected weather. 

Communications and Procedures in the Event of School Disruption

What families and caregivers can expect from Falmouth Public Schools:

  • Student safety is our first priority at all times. 

  • Communication will be done in collaboration with the Falmouth Fire and Police Departments, as appropriate.  

  • Communication will include what, if any, your next steps are as parents, families, and/or caregivers. 

  • Falmouth Public Schools will communicate using our automated email, text, and/or voice messaging. Please review your child’s PowerSchool to ensure that all contact information is updated and accurate.

What Falmouth Public Schools asks of families and caregivers:

  • Trust that the communication is coming to you as soon as we are able to share while keeping student and campus safety our priority. 

  • Read and listen to all correspondence pushed out. 

  • Rely on the communication we provide. In an emergency we ask that you do not call the school or rely on information shared by your child. We need the phone lines clear and the adults focused on the needs here on campus. 

  • It is crucial that we keep Woodville Road and the school driveways clear for emergency vehicles. Depending on the nature of the situation, we may be evacuating students to another location. We will communicate instructions for safe reunification as soon as we are able. Please help us to keep roads and evacuation routes clear by waiting for directions from our safety team.