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Student Computers

Complete the laptop Rental Agreement Form

Frequently Asked Questions about High School Laptops

Is every High School student expected to carry a laptop at school?

What software does the computer need to be able to run?
The High School has standardized on Google for Education as the primary tool used by students.  In order to run this program, the computer needs to be able to run the most current version of the Chrome browser.

How do I know if a computer can run Chrome?
Any PC that can run a supported version of Windows can run Chrome.  This means most machines built in the last 10 years will work. MacBooks purchased since 2012 will work. All Chromebooks meet the requirements.

There is no standard for Hard drive size, computer processing speeds, RAM memory, screen size.  As long as the machine can run a supported version of  Windows OS, Mac OS or Chrome OS it meet the requirements.

What if I cannot afford a computer or don't want to purchase a computer?
There will be a scholarship program for families that cannot afford the rental fee. If interested in a scholarship please see the High School principal or assistant principal.

Does the computer need internet access?
Yes, the computer needs to have wireless internet access.  

Does the computer need Spreadsheets, Word processor, or PowerPoint? 
No, Google Docs for Education includes an online spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation program.  

Why is the school using Google Docs for Education?
Google Docs is fully in the "cloud." This means that a student's work is always available from any computer connected to the internet. Google Docs can be shared which allows for student collaboration and the possibility to turn in work electronically.
Work will never be lost due to a computer crash because the work is in the cloud, not on the computer If a student leaves the computer at home it is a non-issue, any computer can be used to access their work.

What computers will the school be issuing to students who do not bring their own?
13” MacBook Airs

Can I purchase a computer from the school?
No, we are not selling computers at this time.  

What is the rental cost for a year?

Does that cover any damage? 
No, you are fully responsible for the computer.

What is the replacement cost for the computer?
$800.00 minus the $50 rental fee.

The laptop rental agreement form must be signed and turned into the main office or high school tech center with a check for $50 before the laptop is issued. 

Complete the laptop Rental Agreement Form