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Student Work Showcase

If This Land Could Talk

Students in Ms. Blenk and Ms. Kanzler's class "If This Land Could Talk" have been hard at work the past few months. This unique course, which combines Science and English courses through the investigation of local culture and history, environmental science, and the application of digital composition and storytelling skills, immerses students in Maine's community and environment. The culmination of the project is an original, student-designed podcast, featuring local community members. Some of the topic explored this year include Highland Lake, marine mammal rescue and endangerment, hockey culture in Maine, and more. 

Art Show

The Spring Student Art Show and Reception was held in May 2024. Missed the show? See some of the artwork that was on display.

Storied Lives

Students in Ms. Blodgett’s sophomore English classes created podcasts with various staff members. The goal of the podcast unit is to deepen our understanding of others in our school community, and this goal mirrors the mission of StoryCorps, a national nonprofit organization that works to “preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.”  

Visit the podcast page to listen to more interviews

School Exchange of a Lifetime

Mr. Libby, an assistant principal at Falmouth High School, shares stories about his childhood, travel experiences, and his path to becoming an educator. He included how he didn’t want to be an educator as a kid, but after his experiences, he wanted a job that he is not only happy with but where he can make a difference in the community.
Interviewers: Cole and Wyatt

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Why Teaching?

This short story by Mr. Wolosky illustrates his interest in teaching and his path to this profession.
Interviewer: Aiden

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Love of Science

Mr. Lane, a high school science teacher, served in the Air Force for a number of years. His time in the military shaped him, and he often tells stories of his experiences. In our podcast, we asked him questions about his teaching career, how he got into teaching, and if he is fond of it.
Interviewers: Daan, Tareq, Gavin

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Sociology Truth-Spreading

Spring 2023 Sociology students created projects to spread truth about a topic of their choosing to an audience of their choosing. Some students chose the Falmouth community as their audience. 

Read the students' sociology projects