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Clubs & Activities

A club is a group of individuals who request to use Academic Focused Time (AFT) time to gather and explore topics. A club request form must be completed.  Clubs must have academic or civic relevance. Approval of clubs are at the sole discretion of the administration.

An activity does not need to have an academic or civic focus but needs to occur outside of school hours. In order for an activity to be listed on the website, it must have adult supervision. Some examples of existing activities are Sailing, Robotics, and Fitness Groups. The club and activities form still needs to be filled out for approval.  See below for current activities.


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Falmouth High School’s ACLU club works to educate on, defend, and advocate for the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the US constitution of our community through discussion, protest, and overall engagement and participation. 

Although it talks about similar topics to our Civil Rights club, the ACLU club pushes for a stronger sense of participation in “taking action” through discussion, protest, debates, speak-outs, and more. The American Civil Liberties Union gives a detailed guide to creating this club in which includes everything from the basic foundation of the club, to ways to take action, to templates for club posters. With this, we have high hopes for a smooth and organized club that will get so much done throughout the current and coming years. Within the given outline, it notes that we will need a state ACLU affiliate to help look over and advise the club to answer questions, serve as a guiding force, and make sure the organization's name is tied to a worthy group; this should also help keep the club on task and making change. Additionally, we hope this club can gain the attention of students regardless of background, political affiliation, level of ACLU knowledge, and more, but instead pose as a source of education and bipartisan participation to help further the efforts of the union throughout our own community.   Meets on Wednesdays during AFT in room 107.  Advisor: Ms White: j and Ms Enriquez:

Anti Koala League

The Anti Koala League is a club with a funny name and a serious mission. They meet every Monday during first AFT in the theater to discuss different methods to raise money for endangered species. In their first six months, they raised over 400 dollars towards coral reefs. This club is highly recommended for people looking for a fun way to make a difference.
Advisor: Mr. Wolotsky 

Bake Sale Club

The Bake Sale Club holds monthly bakes sales on the last Monday of each month. The profits will be donated to a charity/organization voted by members of this club. By joining the Bake Sale Club, you can participate in bake sales, vote for the organization of where you want the profits to go, and get additional information about upcoming bake sales. Follow us @fhs.bakesaleclub on Instagram! If you have any questions email Michele Xie and Suyoung Yoo . Advisor: Ms. Hilinksi                                                 

Best Buddies

A chapter of Best Buddies led by Shay Wilcox for Maine. We are centered around inclusion and acceptance for students at our school with disabilities.  We meet every Thursday during  AFT in room 114. Advisor: Ms Lanham

Big Buddies

Individuals involved with this program will be mentoring a student in the elementary or middle schools. This is an opportunity for someone who has some free time to support a young person and be a positive influence in his/her life. Activities range between, reading, helping with homework, art related activities, music, sports, board games, puzzles etc. The commitment is 30 minutes a week. Advisor: Ms. Haley

Book Club

Do you love to read? Do you love books? The Book Club offers a chance for fellow book lovers to come together over a shared interest. We will take suggestions from members for books to read. We will meet on Wednesdays during AFT in the library to discuss our selection. For more information contact Mrs. Julea: or Sam Durepo: 

Business Club 

The business club is for all students interested in learning about the entrepreneurship process. Members learn about Business Plans and the club will hold Shark Tank simulations to practice representing their Business models and elevator pitches. The club will present opportunities, along the entrepreneurial process, for members to create simple products to market and sell. Meetings will be updated through email, for now, meetings are during the first AFT of Thursday in the Downstairs commons. Advisor: Ms Davison: 

Civics Club

The Falmouth High School Civics Club offers opportunities for students to have US Civics and Government come alive. We stage political debates, set up mock elections, have guest speakers, discuss current political events, take field trips, and more. All students are welcome to join.  Advisors: Mr. Walsh  & Mr. Magnuson

Civil Rights Team

The goal of the Civil Rights Team is to get students to think and talk about issues related to race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender (including gender identity and gender expression).  In focusing on these categories protected under federal and state law, we aim to make FHS a place where students feel safe, welcome, and accepted because of who they are.  The FHS team is part of a larger network of civil rights teams in schools all across the state, including FES and FMS.
Meets Thursdays during AFT/Activity Period  in room 220.  Follow us on Instagram!
Co-advisors: Mrs. Finn  & Ms. Pullen

Class Executive Boards                                                   

Each grade (9-12) has a Class Executive Board, which is composed of class officers: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  Class executive boards represent students in each individual class.  They conduct class business in the form of class meetings and raise money for the class toward graduation.
Grade 9 – Ms. Goldstone
Grade 10 – Mr. Carver
Grade 11 – Mrs. Julea  or Mrs. Hilinski
Grade 12 – Ms White or Mr. Read

Diversity Student Union 

The Diversity Student Union is a safe place where students can discuss and act on topics of race and social injustice. Students of all backgrounds are welcome. DSU holds group and school wide discussions on the topic of racism, school events, and more! Meetings are held weekly, every Monday during the start of AFT. For more information, contact: Advisor: Ms.White

Dungeon & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons DnD A.K.A.  is a fantasy roleplaying game. The game is similar to 'make believe' or pretend' in that it is collaborative story-telling. Determining things like whether or not attacks hit or if you can persuade someone to let you in, is determined by dice. Meetings are in Mr. Read's room(106) after school on Wednesdays.  Dice will be provided for those who need them.
Advisor: Mr. Read 

Environmental Action Committee                           

This group is an active participant in school-wide recycling and promotes conservation & ecological practices both within the school as well as throughout the community.  Members are presently collecting and processing paper, paperboard, cardboard, and returnable bottles throughout the school.  The committee is also responsible for organization, coordination, and support of a yearly coastal cleanup in Falmouth. Future projects will include hiking and trail maintenance.  Meets Mondays after school, room 223.  Advisor: Chris Moore and Kim Blenk

Esports Club

Esports is a growing platform for people to test their skills and form permanent friendships. This club is an outlet for gamers to gather and play games, as well as a place to compete with other schools in official high school tournaments. We have players for every game.  The club meets during AFT on Fridays in room 125 or 237. Advisor: Mr. Wolotsky

Falmouth High School Life Sciences Club

This club was created to spread the sciences to those who wish to pursue science both as a career or casually, but may not know where to start. Throughout our meetings, we will host dissections, create fundraisers for local scientific nonprofits (volunteer hours), take tours of local scientific organizations such as GMRI or IDEXX, and possibly host a SAIL or an annual science competition between schools in the district.  This club will be almost entirely student-led, and meeting dates are extremely flexible, but will most likely be on Wednesdays. The club may also meet during school hours. Keep in mind that because this club is student-led, it means that the students have a large say in what agenda items the club will partake in this year.If you have any questions about the club or you would like to join, do not hesitate to contact Patrick Wahlig   Advisor: Ms. Harder

Falmouth Rainbow Organization of Gender and Sexuality (FROGS)

The Falmouth Rainbow Organization of Gender and Sexuality (FROGS) is a club dedicated to educating the FHS community about LGBTQ+ topics and issues. The goal of this group is to establish an environment where everyone is respected regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. FROGS is primarily a safe space for all students to both socialize and discuss anything related to gender and sexuality. Advisor: Ms Leary

Falmouth’s Speech and Debate 

Speech & Debate team is open to all students who are interested in improving their speech and communication skills--skills proven to be highly valuable in college and beyond.  Speech and Debate offer a wide variety of event opportunities. Students attend practice twice a week to select (or create) pieces for interpretation, research; discuss/debate current topics; and, learn and practice cross examination questions, rebuttal speeches and public speaking and communication skills. We are part of the Maine Forensic Association (MFA), a group composed of Maine schools that organizes and sponsors events. From October to January, different schools host Saturday tournaments, which culminate in a State Tournament sponsored by the Maine Principal's Association. Falmouth is also a member of the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) and National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL), which hold regional qualifiers and National Tournaments in the summer.  At tournaments, Falmouth also competes in Student Congress.  Students participate in a simulated Congress where they draft, debate and attempt to pass their bill. We welcome all interested students. Advisor: Ellen Parent

FHS Fitness Club

Do you want to start working but don’t know where to start? Are working out now but want a supportive group to help you progress on your fitness journey? No matter what your fitness goals are, we will provide a supportive network for each other so we can all reach them.  We will meet Wednesdays at 2:30 pm every other week in the upstairs commons.  Advisor: Rob Sullivan


“GORP” is Falmouth High School’s literary and arts magazine. The magazine is a creative outlet for the entire Falmouth High School community to share and publish original artwork and a variety of writing, such as poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. We publish one or two issues each year, and students help with the submission, selection, editing, proofreading, layout, design, fundraising, publication, and distribution of the magazine. We also host a publishing party each year. We meet during activity period, and smaller subcommittees meet during other scheduled times.  Working on staff is a wonderful opportunity for students to collaboratively produce a publication while meeting with friends, engaging in thoughtful conversation about writing, and learning a variety of skills related to the publishing and editing of manuscripts and artwork. Submit to GORP at  Read past issues of GORP. Advisor: Ms. Gifford

History Club

The History Club's mission is to help enhance one's ability to research, debate and public speak. This club meets weekly on Mondays during AFT in room 106. Advisor: Mr. Read

The Mast                                                                            

"The Mast" is the school newspaper and is produced and distributed a number of times throughout the year.  Students learn skills in writing and editing, as well as the design and production of a newspaper.  Editors are elected each year.  The Mast provides the valuable service of keeping students informed about those things going on around their school. Advisor: Mr. Casey

Math Team

If you are a strong math student and you enjoy problem solving, you now have a chance to work with like minded peers in a competition setting. On the math team, we prepare for 5 meets a year with weekly practices. The meets are held against surrounding schools, and you complete problems and earn points for the team! Benefits enjoyed by recent members include: being better prepared for College Admissions Tests and for future college courses, camaraderie with teammates at meets and practices, potential for recognition of your academic excellence, and the satisfaction that comes from solving challenging problems. Participation on this team counts toward the STEM Endorsement extracurricular activity. Advisors: Mrs. Finn & Ms. Lambert

Model UN

Model UN gives students the opportunity to become mock delegates of the United Nations. MUN includes issue discussing, policy making, and international cooperation. Our meetings will be in preparation for a state-wide conference in May with schools from around Maine.  Meets every other Friday during AFT.  Advisor: Mr. Magnuson:

National Art Honor Society (NAHS)

The program supports members in their efforts to attain the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.  We will meet twice a month during the Activity Period. Advisor: Mrs. Seder

National Honor Society

The NHS is an organization composed of selected members of the junior and senior classes. Nomination and election are competitive and are based on substantive accomplishment in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Read more about NHS, including the FHS application and induction process. Advisor: Mr. Magnuson

Natural Helpers                                                                              

This program is part of the school's efforts to create an environment where all students feel they have somewhere to turn when they are struggling with a problem or just need someone to talk to.  It is based on the awareness that teens often talk to other teens before they go to adults.  Students are selected by their peers for this program.  A survey is distributed to freshman during the first two weeks of school.  The individuals that are involved with this program, attend a 2 1/2 day retreat in order to develop better listening and communication skills.  They also learn about "Red Flag" issues as well as community resources that are available to students. Advisors Ms. Haley  and Sarah Maloney

Ocean Studies

The Ocean Studies club tests and records various samples and observations of different fresh and saltwater sources in Falmouth. We hope to gather a complete record of variables such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and microorganisms. Students will be assigned a test kit - complete with detailed instructions - and a site to test water on a regular basis. Their results will then be compiled in a document for future reference by Falmouth High School students, staff, and other researchers. Advisor: Ms. Blenk

Outing Club                                                                        

This club provides opportunities for students to explore outdoor pursuits, such as hiking, snowshoeing, paddling, and rock climbing. Members meet about once a month to plan outings, which generally occur on Saturdays.  Students choose which outings to participate in, and slots are filled on a first come-first served basis. Advisor(s): Mr. Moore

Poetry Club                                                                        

The poetry club is a weekly gathering of writers to generate and share new material. Optional writing prompts will be provided every week. We meet on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 in room 203. Advisor: Ms. Langlois

Prom Committee                                                    

The Prom Committee is made up of juniors who plan their prom for that year. It is the responsibility of the committee to choose a theme, location, invitations, food and music for the prom. They also sell tickets and design and construct the decorations for the dance. Each year, the executive board of the Junior class decides how they want to choose the Prom Committee. Volunteers are always welcome. Advisor: Ms. Hilinski or Ms. Julea

Red Cross

Partnering with local Red Cross Chapter to provide information and teach our members about Red Cross. Also planning to organize fundraisers and blood drives. Bi-weekly, Mondays, AFT in rooms 221 or 226. Advisor: Mrs. Demers

The Robotics Team                                            

The first robotics competition is an exciting, nationwide competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a challenging experience—and a lot of fun. The competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events, the result of lots of focused brainstorming, real-world teamwork, dedicated mentoring, project timelines, and deadlines. Advisor: Clare & Meredith Greenlaw 


Falmouth High School students participate in the New England Scholastic Sailing Association (NESSA) events as a varsity team. For information on how to become a SailMaine hosted team, please visit the SailMaine website and view the FAQ on the topic. Contact the team's Parent Coordinators or SailMaine's High School Sailing Director for current information on team activities. SailMaine maintains a mailing list service for Falmouth sailors and friends to use for keeping up to date on regattas, practices, and other team events. Contact: Mrs. Wahlig or

Science Bowl

Science Bowl is a fast paced competition where teams of students compete in tournaments against other schools. Schools go head to head answering questions and must buzz in faster than their opponents in order to gain the chance to answer the questions and build up points. Questions come from all areas of science, and students must be quick, hold a lot of knowledge, be willing to trust themselves and their team mates, and have fun. We practice once a week starting in October, for the state competition in late February. The teams will also compete in the Ocean Sciences Bowl in February and will scrimmage with other schools for fun.  Winning schools continue on to National competitions held  in May. Advisor: Mr. Njaa

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a chance for students to compete against other students and schools in over 20 different events. This year events include Sumo Bots, Mousetrap Vehicles, Towers, Forensic Science, Ornithology, Mission Possible, Ecology, Disease Detectives, Wind Power, and more. Whatever your interest, there is likely an event that fits. Teams have up to 15 students and we usually field two teams. Students typically work with a friend on an event, and will need to take on at least 3 to 5 different events for the day of the competition. We meet in November and December to organize and then weekly through February. As the competition approaches the first week in April, we meet more often and long hours are put in to meet the deadline. We may be able to hold scrimmages in some events with other schools in the weeks leading up to the Olympiad. In the end, the events are challenging, the day is long, and lots of fun is had. Advisor: Mr. Njaa 

Service Club

The FHS Service Club is a student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. The FHS Service Club members work on projects to help the community locally, nationally, and globally.  Organizations this club supports include Furniture Friends, Ronald McDonald House, Animal Refuge League, Partners for World Health, and monthly discussion groups with elders at OceanView. We host benefit concerts during the school year to raise money for a variety of organizations as well as help out at many local events like the FMS Nickel Carnival and the Falmouth Food Pantry Annual Dinner. Advisors:  Ms. MacEwan and Ms Bush 

STEM Mentoring Program

The STEM Mentoring program partners high school STEM students with middle school students who are interested in learning about science or STEM opportunities. The goal is to create a stronger community of STEM students by inspiring younger students to get more involved. The partnership benefits both the high schoolers (who will receive service hours) and middle schoolers (who will receive mentors and guidance). Women in STEM Seminars occur monthly, in which a community member or student speaks on their involvement in the STEM community. Ultimately, we hope this creates a tightly bound community of students in STEM who would support each other both in and out of school, so when they graduate, they are more prepared to take part in different real-world opportunities, and will have more connections as they move into the workforce. Advisor: Ms. Nye

Stock Market Club 

The club will consist of a stock trading game that runs through the entirety of the second semester as well as optional virtual meetings on Wednesday afternoons for half an hour where we will teach club members about investing in stocks, and how the stock market works as a whole. We hope to eventually bring in guest speakers virtually to share more information about investing. For more information, contact  Miles Woodbury and Chance Guyton. Advisor: Mr. Read

Student Council

The Student Council meets regularly and is composed of four elected members from each class. The Council elects its own officers. The Student Council acts as the formal student-led governing body of the school.  It discusses and presents proposals on important school topics. It governs class and student activities in order to avoid conflicts in scheduling. It is a member of the Maine and national affiliation of Student Councils, but has a focus in the school and community. Advisors: Ms Hilinski: &  Tammy Heathco

Student Led Change

An FHS club for the past two years, Student Led Change, is structured around three levels of change: individual leadership skills, organizational action, and collaboration, both locally and nationally. We are training an army of thoughtful, capable volunteers who will go out into the world with the skills necessary to enact positive change for a lifetime. The group meets in room 253 during Wednesday AFTs. Advisor is Jen Bush 

Theatre Company

The Theatre Company at Falmouth High School is a co-curricular activity open to all high school students interested in one or more aspects of theatre. There are opportunities for acting, singing and dancing; for stage management, carpenters, lighters, scenic artists, costumers, and make-up artists. Students can choose to be involved in one or all 3 of the productions each season which include straight theatre, musical theatre, and one act competition. The Company has been a vital part of the school community for over 20 years and we welcome all interested students. Advisor: Mr. Kauff

The Yellow Tulip Project/Sources of Strength 

YTP/SOS will be a combined program this year. YTP/SOS focus on reducing the stigma around mental health. The mission is to spread hope, help and strength; To break the silence when someone is struggling. Students and staff will create campaigns focused on the Sources of Strength Wheel. YTP/SOS will work toward increasing student and staff participation. Meetings are held weekly. Day and time will be determined at the start of school. Advisor: Ms Haley

Tri-M Music Honors Society

An internationally recognized music honors society that gives students a chance to gain music-related community service and performance opportunities outside of the regular Music Department programs. The club meets in the music room on Mondays during AFT. Advisor: Mrs. Northrup


Members of the yearbook club are responsible for designing, producing, selling and distributing the FHS yearbook, The Crest. Members take photographs of the life and times of Falmouth High School students, staff and faculty in school and at school-sponsored activities -- participating in club activities, competing in athletic competitions, performing on stage... In addition, they are responsible for interviewing students, faculty and staff and then writing copy for the book. Once all the pieces of the book are collected, members design the page layouts for a 200-page book using web-based software. The book is sold online and distributed to students at the end of the school year. The club will meet during the activity period. Advisor: Mr. Hull  or email The Crest

Want to start a new club? Complete the FHS Club Proposal Form.