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Diploma Endorsements

Falmouth High School offers diploma endorsement opportunities in Visual and Performing Fine Arts - Music, Theatre, Visual Arts - and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Information about the requirements for each of these is listed below. Students should discuss their interest in completing the requirements for a diploma endorsement with their school counselor. If you would like more information and/or to receive the  requirement tracking form for your selected area, please submit the application form for either the VPA or STEM endorsement.

Visual and Performing Fine Arts Diploma Endorsement

A Fine Arts Endorsement recognizes the commitment, additional coursework, and many extracurricular activities that students motivated in the Arts have made during their time at Falmouth High School.

Students have the opportunity to apply for this program at the start of their sophomore year.  Coursework taken during a student’s freshman year may count towards the requirements. All students are required to keep a journal / portfolio, evidence of the requirements for this endorsement, and other paperwork regarding the endorsement requirements. Though various endorsement options are available (music, theater, or visual art), a student can choose only one Fine Arts endorsement. More information about each area follows:

STEM Diploma Endorsement

A STEM endorsement recognizes that motivated students have made the choice to devote a significant amount of effort and time in pursuing an extensive course of STEM-oriented work at FHS. Graduating seniors can earn a STEM endorsement on their diploma and transcript by meeting additional standards, listed below.

  • 4 years each of English, Math, and Science (Earth & Space, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and 3 years of Social Studies
  • 3 Additional Credits drawn from Science, Engineering and Math Electives
  • A minimum number of 7 ELO’s (Extended Learning Opportunities) from STEM related extracurricular activities or projects
  • Complete a STEM related job shadow
  • A more extensive Senior Project involving a STEM theme or research
  • Enter the Maine State Science Fair

To apply for a STEM Endorsement, begin by completing this application.