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Program of Studies

The Program of Studies assists students in planning their academic program at Falmouth High School. It includes a list of available courses and their descriptions, along with guidance about graduation requirements and post-secondary planning.

Students should carefully select courses as part of a four-year plan that meets their post-secondary goals. It is important that students discuss their program and courses with their parents, teachers, advisors, and counselors. Here are some guidelines:

  • Give special attention to the course descriptions and levels, prerequisites, and the amount of credit given per course. Exceptions for students wishing to enroll in a course for which they do not meet the guidelines may do so only with permission of the instructor or building administration. 
  • Each student is required to carry a minimum of six (6) classes each semester.
  • We encourage students to take courses that provide the greatest opportunity for both challenge and success, providing them with the maximum options in post-secondary placement. 
  • Placement in honors courses requires a desire on the student's part to explore a topic in greater depth and a commitment to extra time and effort.
  • Elective courses are scheduled based on student interest and availability.