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Technology Team

FalTech: Student run district technology support

FalTech provides on demand technology support for staff and students for the Falmouth School District. Student Techs work at the help desk to manage walk-ins, answer phone calls, provide first tier technology support in their classrooms, repair damaged laptops, and develop and grow their own interest in computer technology.

FalTech Technicians are a team of student interns that work with the Falmouth Technology Department. FalTech Technicians are supervised by the high school tech integrator and the tech support specialist. Team members are trained in customer service and basic software and hardware skills. Professional opportunities such as Apple ACMT(Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) training and summer internships are also offered when possible.

Tech Team Selection Process
  • There is a limited amount of positions 
  • Students apply via an online application 
  • Students must have a an interest in computer technology but there is no prerequisites for technical skills or knowledge
  • Students must have three teacher references
  • Students are interviewed by the team supervisors 
  • Selections are based on students' trustworthiness and maturity; teacher references are are relied heavily upon in the selection process
  • Students must maintain passing grades to participate
Student Tech Team membership may be revoked if:
  • a student’s actions are no longer trustworthy or safe
  • a student’s actions are not in alignment with the school’s student behavior expectations. 
  • a student received any failing or dropping grades in their classes
Participating students receive one of the following 
  • course credit
  • or STEM credit
  • or time toward community service
FalTech Students Expectations
  • Show up to the tech department on time
  • Be friendly, helpful, and attentive to users that need help
  • Be able to work independently

Complete a Faltech team Application

Summer internship application information will be available in the spring.